Thursday, February 19, 2015

Karlie Kookie's, and an update

Can a cookie be healthy? I'd sure like to think so, at least for your emotional well-being. At their very best, they give you a little lift. I think cookies are magical in the sense that they make people happy without much fanfare. As you may know I also have a thing for diminutive treats - the kind you easily polish off in a one or two bites, or share with someone you like (a lot). Popular culture has taught us we should follow that instant high with a hefty dose of guilt but in my opinion that is just wrong. It goes without saying I feel that way about food in general, that it should be, above all, pleasurable. I used to have a lot more guilt about food but I made a conscious effort to let it go and I feel so much freer now. Maybe if you had a whole box of chips ahoy while lying on the couch then yes, you are allowed to feel a little guilty (sorry Chips Ahoy). But one cookie never hurt anyone!

All that said, the cookie recipe I've been working on is particularly guilt-proof. It is free of refined sugar and flour, but it still tastes delicious, and has plenty of chocolate chips for good measure. I got the idea from the model Karlie Kloss, who started a company called Karlie's Kookies with Momofuku Milk Bar pastry chef Christina Tosi. She is a runway model but apparently loves to bake. I almost bought some on their website but the shipping was going to cost more than the package of cookies so I decided to try to make a version of them myself. I changed a few ingredients and scaled down the recipe but otherwise stayed true to the core idea of a gluten-free, not-too-sweet treat that could in theory have after a workout.

I'm still tweaking the recipe, experimenting with coconut oils and olive oil, but they are getting pretty close to perfect I would say. They have almond flour and oats, two of my favorite ingredients, too. I'm working on treats for my sister's business and these are one of the contenders so far. My 2015 if off to promising start, happy February everyone. I changed my blog name and so far I feel good about it. I hope you agree. Let's all stay warm and drink endless cups of hot chocolate until it's Spring! 

I leave you with this gem.

"Sometimes me thinks, 'what is a friend?' And then me say, 'friend is someone to share last cookie with."

 - The Cookie Monster

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